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Link by Nerds-and-Corsets
I know it's a bit late, but I finally got decent pictures of my toddler wearing his Halloween costume!  I ended up making him a Link costume since I decided a week before Halloween to make him a costume haha.

Fabrics used:  Linen, denim, and cotton
Pattern:  I only used a pattern for the pants, everything else I drafted up myself.  The white long sleeved shirt was purchased though.
Materials used for shield:  The shield is made out of cardboard and was painted on with acrylic paints.  I drew out the emblem myself and it is attached using belting that was glued on, and at the bottom back it is held on by velcro so that it is easy to take on and off.
Hardware Heaven Steampunk corset by Nerds-and-Corsets
Hardware Heaven Steampunk corset
This has been done for over half a month now, but just now got around to taking pictures.  This is a crocheted corset that I did to go with some of my steampunk outfits when I don't want to wear my steel boned corset.  It does have a nice weight to it, but is only an underbust rather than an overbust.

Materials used:
-Premier Yarns Deborah Norville
-3 different chains
-Lobster Clasps
Krydda Cardigan by Nerds-and-Corsets
Krydda Cardigan
So, I am beyond happy with how this cardigan turned out!  I used a lovely yarn that was gifted to me by a friend.  The pattern was a free one on ravelry.  It is knit top down in one piece, so no seams on this lovely cardigan.

Yarn Used: The Plucky Knitter Traveler Aron, colorway Pack Your Bags

So, people wonder why I don't knit items to sell. There is a lot that goes into each item that I make, and two of the biggest things for me is time/money.

For example, I recently finished a cardigan that I've been working on for about a month. Keep in mind, this is off and on and at times only doing a few rows when I was working on it any given day. And at least one week out of the month I was working on it, I didn't do any work on it.

So we'll say, took me maybe about one week total to actually knit this item.

Now we'll look at what my time is worth.

I've been knitting for approximately 7 years. During that time, my skills have improved and I have learned a multitude of techniques on my own time at my own expense. This means buying the tools, buying various books/patterns, and extensive amounts of time spent on youtube/online learning how to do these various techniques.

If I am making an item for somebody, that is also time that I will never get back. That is time taking me away from housework, taking me away from spending time with friends/family, time taking me away from improving other skills. And to me, my time is worth a lot.

If I was to make something for somebody, I would reasonably expect to be compensated for the time I have taken away from all of those other things much like I am compensated for my time while working at my place of employment.

So asking me to make something, and then expect to pay me pennies an hour, it isn't going to happen!

Moving on from that, let's look into the cost of the materials.

For my cardigan, I used three hanks of yarn priced at $28 dollars a hank. This adds up to $84 just for the yarn. And with this being a cardigan, there are buttons. I'll be using a total of 10 buttons. At $6.96 per set of buttons, three buttons per set, I need four sets. That is $27.80 just for the buttons.

This puts me at a total of $111.80 just for the materials to make this cardigan.

And if I was (for example) to charge minimum wage per hour ($7.25 in the state I live in) and for the sake of things, we'll say a week is 40 hours of knitting, that would put me at $290 for my labor.

Between those two costs, that would put me at $401.80 just to knit my cardigan.

Even if I wasn't to charge per hour on my labor, I would say that it is fairly reasonable to at least around $200 between labor and materials for this cardigan. And if I was to only charge $200, that only equals out to $2.21 give or take an hour. That is less than half of minimum wage.

So I hope this clears up why I chose not to knit items to sell for profit. And if I chose to gift you an item that I have knit, you can comprehend the time that I have put into learning this craft as well as the love and passion that I have put into knitting that item for you.

Autumn Filigree by Nerds-and-Corsets
Autumn Filigree
This is a little shawl that I test crocheted for a friend of mine.  (link to pattern will come once it is published on ravelry)  I knocked this one out in 5 days from start to finish.  The main yarn is a mystery yarn that was gifted to me.  I know that it has wool in it, but that's about it.  (could tell by texture and the fact that I can spit splice it)  Green yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Weight Yarn.

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